It’s rather strange and bizarrely unacceptable when those gifted with all the vision in the world turn a blind eye to anyone being subjected to inhuman treatment, such as molestation and rape. How on earth, it ought to be asked, can anyone turn a blind eye on incidents such as these acts that brazenly challenge the modesty of women?

Bu then, these are the norms of today’s world, especially in those developing countries of the world where law enforcement often looks like a vital concept on a thin sheet of paper, not so much in the real world.

Recently, Mumbai served up a fantastic example of the courage and indomitable will of women wherein a visually challenged girl was able to nab, get hold of a molester who dared to outrage her modesty inside a Central Railway local (train).

Interestingly enough, even before any bystander or co-passenger was able to rush to the girl’s rescue or offer any help, the visually challenged girl, who studies in standard VIth was able to act herself without relying on anyone else’ mercy.

And that’s simply incredible, right?

It is reported by the police that the visually challenged Mumbai-based girl was in a train compartment that was meant for the handicapped. Interestingly enough, she wasn’t traveling enough and was accompanied by her father. Now, over to the question of how she was able to help herself.

In what might come across as an interesting surprise, the police, investigating the case shared that the victim of molestation was trained in martial arts.

The culprit, surprisingly enough, isn’t some regular crook or extreme criminal with an elaborate record of doing mischief.

It’s actually a small-time crook who goes by the name of Vishal Singh, actually a computer maintenance worker who found pleasure in the idea of outraging the modesty of the innocent young teenager.

The incident happened- much to the chagrin of others- in the evening but amid proper rush, the one you’d find in an evening train that runs around 8 P.M., when the girl boarded a train, Kalyan Local, from Dadar.

Immediately upon climbing the train, Singh decided to touch the girl inappropriately and much to his surprise found the girl whom he’d just molested fight back. Much to his dismay, he found his wrist twisted and his face tightly slapped by the very girl he’d come to molest.

Taken into custody and brought to the Dadar GRP outpost, Vishal Singh may have surely learned the lesson of his life: that of never disrespecting any woman ever in the future. But surely, it came at the cost of having dared to molest a martial arts-trained individual who nearly broke the culprit’s hand.

Well, in the end, it can be said, that while we knew that petty crimes and urban chaos in today’s day and life are a common reality, it remains to be seen as to why wasn’t anyone immediately concerned and therefore, rushed to the spot to assist the girl?

What if the girl was not able to defend herself?

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