The latest Motor Vehicle Act (amended) brought about some fleeting changes as far as the imposition of fines was concerned. That the motorists or drivers weren’t going to have it any easy (anymore) and had to embrace for tougher restrictions, hence, a harsher imposition of fines was the key talking point from the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. This, automatically, beckoned drivers and motorists in all of Delhi NCR regions to be more careful and extra vigilant than before.

Gurugram Traffic Fine
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But it turns out that there’s been some bright news emerging from an important corner of the Delhi NCR, home to several hundreds of corporations and MNCs, forming the spine or backbone from the employment standpoint. This piece of good news concerns the traffic fines in Gurugram.

So one wonders what exactly has transpired? Well, don’t worry! We’ve got this covered. Here’s what you ought to know.

Apparently, the traffic fines in Gurugram have dropped down majorly in the course of the recent past. And one wonders, whether there could be anything more positive other than this?

The traffic fines in Gurugram have dropped to such a tremendous extent that many critics of the city may not even believe the fact that the overall drop is around 97 percent.

This data has been gathered prior to the Assembly elections that took place back on September 21, 2019.

So now in the light of the traffic fines in Gurugram dropping below considerably, one can’t help but wonder as to what are the traffic cops busy with at this moment?

Currently, the traffic cops in Gurugram, an irreplaceable part of the Delhi NCR region are occupied in raising the overall awareness among those motorists that are aggrieved with the hike in the imposition of the traffic fines, as per the new norms of the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019.

Here’s what’s a cracker of a news. During an earlier period, on an average, the daily imposition of traffic-related fines was somewhere around 1,500 per day. Today, the rate has dropped down significantly to being somewhere around 50 challans on a daily basis.

Now, if that’s not a humungous dropdown in the traffic fines in Gurugram, then what is?

That said, the masses see various reasons as being responsible for this severe dropdown. For instance, there are some who feel that there’s been an election connect to the significantly lower issuance of traffic fines. On the other hand, the state police has already dismissed the claim.

Police claimed that reports of whopping penalties in the initial few days of the new Motor Vehicles Act coming into effect unsettled the public. As a result, the traffic department embarked on special awareness campaigns.

“The idea was to bring a behavioural change through unique initiatives, such as offering flowers or smilies to the offenders,” shared a senior police official.

Though officially the traffic police maintained that the move was non-political, the sources told among the most read media vehicles- The Times of India- that verbal instructions were given to avoid the imposition of penalties as, “the ruling BJP fears facing the public wrath in the ensuing assembly elections.”

Opposition parties have also come down heavily on chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar for not providing relief to the people.

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