Food, Cloths and Shelter are the basic necessities of life. But everyone is not fortunate enough to have access to all these things at once.  As per a 2011 consensus, there were 1.77 million homeless people in India alone and the number would have certainly gone up in the last five years.

Though, not shelter at the moment, but a lady named Minu Pauline who runs ‘Pappadavada, a popular food joint, has ensured that the poor and homeless in Kochi’s Kalore area don’t have to worry about scavenging for food anymore.

She has installed a ‘public fridge’ outside the restaurant premises where people can leave food and drinks for the homeless in the area.

Apart from that, Pauline ensures that restaurant keeps at least 50 food packs in the fridge daily.

Calling it ‘Nanma Maram’ (Tree of Goodness in Malayalam), she sees it as an opportunity to distribute excesses to those who are needy.

The fridge is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.  Those who can not afford the meal are invited to have it at any time of the day.

She is now inviting residents, locals and hotel owners to donate the food packets. Though, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is the perquisite condition to use the fridge.

She has requested the donors to ensure that food is fresh and clean, neatly packed and the date of preparation is mentioned on the packet. That’s how the supply of fresh, healthy food is available daily.

This small step can go a long way if finds more helping hands.

28 Mar 2016

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