Road safety is at its peak in India, where no one follows the actual rules and we have somehow made our own traffic rules along the way. There’s too much honking and no one exactly knows why, it’s like we’ve somehow started conversing through honks which might seem interesting or bizarre at first, but it actually contributes to the bigger problem of noise pollution in the country.

And then there are the traffic cops, a majority of whom fail to do their job or just do it for the extra money they could make out of it. We all know about it and let’s not pretend like we’ve never really contributed to it.

But there’s one traffic cop in Chandigarh who’s doing his bit to save the situation and save the people from making some traffic blunders. And, he does it by singing out the rules in Punjabi and in the most entertaining way possible.

Bhupinder Singh is a head constable in Chandigarh and he has made his own song incorporating the rules of road safety and traffic, in the most interesting and entertaining way possible. He takes a jibe here and there and simplifies the entire thing for even the dumbest of the dumb driving.

Check out the video over here:

Doesn’t it look amazing? Wish more and more cops would actually start caring about their job and not haul money out of people committing traffic mistakes. More than that, we wish more and more people get to understand the entire thing and keep it in mind. After all, we all deserve a safe road to drive on.

Jyotsna Amla

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