Amid the sparking debates over intolerance in India, an unbelievable example of communal harmony and fraternity has emerged from a small village of Punjab.

The villagers hailing from Sikh and Hindu community have helped renovate the mosque for lone Muslim family living in the area.

The village named Malla, which is situated in Jagraon Tehsil of Ludhiana district, has population of 5,000 people. Out of which 91% are Sikhs, 9% are Hindus and one Muslim family.

The mosque was closed since 1947 after the building collapsed. Thus, the Muslim family in the village and other people living in neighbouring area had to travel Bargain or Raikot to offer Namaz. But now with a mutual effort from the villagers, Muslims have regained their place of worship.

A local party of Ludhiana had identified the mosque and contacted the Shahi Imam of city’s Jama Masjid for assistance. When the news reached the villagers they gave an overwhelming response to the project.

The Sikhs and Hindus not only helped financially but also in the construction work.

“Our Sikh brothers have always stood by us. And today, they helped rebuild our place of worship. We cannot thank them enough,” said Iqbal Hussain, a member of the lone Muslim family.

The mosque was re-opened on Monday and the namaz was offered on the very first day.

The Sikh villagers also organized a ‘langar’ (community kitchen) on the occasion like they did on the day when construction of the mosque started.

4 April, 2016

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