The difference between a pessimist and an optimist, it could be said, is that the latter always sees the light at the end of a tunnel, even during dark times. What do you think? At the same time, the pessimist often sees the hang-ups, the problems; the challenges, so to speak, not the way to cut through them. But once you view this discussion from the lens of entrepreneurship and you can arrive at a whole new meaning altogether.

It could be said that the main difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the former sees an opportunity to excel even during challenging times. And what could be a better real-life example to understand this precisely other than viewing the bright new change that came about in the city of New Delhi, the national capital of the very country that’s steadily coming to grips with the global crisis of the times: Coronavirus!

In fact, at a time where nine in ten are dreading the very outbreak of the coronavirus as they should and heck, can anyone be even doubted about it, it could be said that New Delhi is witnessing a bright change.

It’s a change that is a respite, to say the least. That’s for the simple reason that a small but valuable effort in the heart of the national capital has enabled one to see the positive side of Coronavirus.

Now, before you put up that baffled look- can there even be a positive side of Coronavirus- let it be reminded that it’s time to step away from preconceived notions.

But up first a question. Do you know the one thing, the very valuable article that one has to be necessarily guarded with, at all times, to fight this growing menace?

Surely, it could be said, never before have things like the facial masks or hand sanitizers sold like hotcakes.

Isn’t it?

And the former is exactly what has led to a development that all should know about. Apparently, in a great step forward despite these time being stifled by the outbreak of the novel Covid-19, as many as eight different training centres under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship have started producing cloth masks.

And that’s not all. These said production centres- that are actually bringing out exactly what’s needed so urgently in these times- are working in an incredible production capacity.

They are producing up to 500 masks a day. Now just last week, there were 28,000 cloth masks that were produced. It can, therefore, be said with great confidence that during these incredibly challenging times, one has gotten to see the bright side of Coronavirus in the respect that the true capability of the SMEs of India is on full display.

The raw materials for these masks have been sourced from local markets such as – Chandni Chowk and Gandhinagar.

And that’s not all.

At a time where one may have simply thought about shooting up the prices of essential commodities like these facial masks or sanitizers, thinking selfishly as most businesses would (about profits and making that extra buck), you’d be surprised to know the price of a mask.

Perhaps it may simply come as unbelievable but the fact is that a mask is priced at no more than Rs 10 a piece.

All the focus at this point in time is to improve the quality of the masks and that’s where the key focus lies at present.

Here’s a quote from Mr Yogesh Kumar, under whose auspices the training centres are working to bring about an exceedingly bright development:

“Since these masks are hand-made, their cost has been kept low. Additionally, this is a great way to teach our students the spirit of entrepreneurship”!

Now if that’s not the positive side of Coronavirus, indicating that a vital gamut of the country’s SMEs has come together to contribute during this menace then what is, one wonders?

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