There’s something about the city that’s widely-talked-about, the city hailed as the city of dreams that seems to suggest that finally there is the breather, a respite of sorts, that one desperately sought.

So as we all know, at this point in time, the famous financial capital of the city has been reduced to a state of complete immobility, having suffered the ravages of the Coronavirus lockdown, which has engulfed much of the larger world around the country, not only India.

Amid the lockdown, currently slated to last until May 3, until further notice could decide the imminent fate, everyone, not only in Mumbai but in the remainder of the country has been thinking about the main question.

When will things get better and when will the count of the Coronavirus patients finally suffer a downslide.

Well, believe it or not, but it appears that Mumbai has found an answer. So what exactly transpired in the city we have all come to be captivated by, at least, at some stage in life?

The last 24 hours, apparently, have been the best in the timeline of the Coronavirus-plagued capital city of Maharashtra. Wondering why? Apparently, the rising number of Coronavirus cases in Mumbai suffered from a downslide, one that was so keenly sought.

The total number of Coronavirus cases in the city, at this point in time, stand over 2,000, according to the news updates.

But where it stands at the moment, then the cases in Mumbai have begun to dip downward- what a relief that is!

The fall in the number of cases means that the current tally stands at no more than 2,120 with the big positive playing its part.

So if one was wondering about the exact point that brought about the massive downfall, then it’s important to know that the point was Wednesay.

From the onset of Wednesday, according to all major news outlets, the number of cases in the city have begun to go southward.

But in here rests a vital question, one that must be asked and not shunned away.

Could this be a one-off scenario or is this finally the big reprieve that was needed?

Frankly speaking, there’s no immaculate answer available to that at the moment. A major news platform highlighted the current development and shared the following in regards to the Mumbai development:

“Out of these five, three had co-morbidities (existing health issues) and two had ago-related factors,” a BMC release said.

Between April 10 to 14, the daily increase in Covid-19 cases in Mumbai topped 200, but since Wednesday there has been a decline.

Notably, the BMC has now decided to test suspected patients — who have been in close contact with confirmed patients — only on the fifth day after isolating them instead of testing them immediately.

As per the BMC, 37 patients were discharged from hospitals on Friday, which took the number of persons from the city who recovered from infection to 239.

During the day, 201 persons were also admitted to hospitals for possible exposure to coronavirus.

That being said, one can surely hope for this to not be some ‘flash in the pan’ moment and for better days to arrive sooner than expected.

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