There is no direct connection with medicine and a coffee table book, right? Or is there any? But if you are Mumbai-based physician Jehangir Sorabjee, then life’s a freshly brewed coffee you just cannot miss out on.


Revered physician in Mumbai, Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee has planned to come out with a brand new coffee table book that shall encapsulate scintillating aerial shots of the city widely described as the city of dreams.


During the broad daylight, Mumbai can often serve up a boner despite being besotted with pristine, charming architecture that is both hugely intoxicating to the curious traveler and a subject of immense interest to historians. But during night-time, Mumbai transforms into a an emblem of illustrious colours, bejewelled with twinkling lights, forming an ensemble of enchanting attributes.


Finding an immense interest in mapping the city’s history through the lens of photography- a unique artistic hobby for individuals regardless of professional endeavours, Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee of Mumbai has spent several years in capturing the nostalgic landscape of a thriving cosmopolis through the lens of ancient structures, streets and, pieces of art.

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Having already published two previous editions of coffee table books, Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee ably balances his twin pursuits; that of being the head of Bombay Hospital’s medicine department and that of being an enthusiastic photographer who covers a city he lives in and one often described as India’s heart-line through ecstatic high-rise aerial shots that capture the essence of a bustling, unstoppable mainstream city.


In a month from now, perhaps around the new year or during that period, Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee’s book shall hit book stands wherein through a series of 220 pictures, Mumbai’s diverse landscape shall catapult an interesting eye-pleasing account of the city as seen from milestone symbols that include- Raj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Gateway of India among others.


But one thing that strikes the medical practitioner is the drastic change one finds in the present-day Mumbai skies with horizons having been more clearer, perhaps even bereft of sky-kissing architecture and high-rise establishments when Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee had first photo-captured this enigmatic city of many a dreams, ambitions and, heartache. His previous release was aptly titled Above Bombay and one can hardly wait to see the changing landscape of one of India’s most talked-about cities in the doctors’ forthcoming publication.

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