Extremity! More pressure than before. Anxiousness. These are phrases that are more common now than ever in the recent past. Then whether it is in the pressure one feels to run a family in a tightly-structured, time-bound lifestyle in an urban city or the heat that’s burning down on the country in the wake of the controversial and widely-debted Citizenship Amendment Bill.

But for a change, the context changed around the extremity, especially in the national capital, New Delhi. Not as if it may have been a national surprise, yet, it was a welcome respite of sorts, giving other heatedly debated political news from the nation of billions and billions, a bit of a break.

It wasn’t too hard to know why 12 December 2019 was perhaps a bit of an oddity where the usual weather scenario during the year-ending period of December.

Whether you were an Ola driver finding his way through the busy bustle of Gurgaon, a tuition teacher running hurriedly home after back-to-back classes, the green-tea sipping entrepreneur working on the next powerpoint slide and whatnot! Everyone’s focus was on the heavy rainfall in Delhi.

It was fantastic, welcoming even! A day after it was raining sixes at the Wankhede, in the heart of Mumbai, the spate of heavy rainfall in Delhi left little to the imagination.

Hailstorm in Delhi
India Today

In fact, truth be told, the way it poured down in Delhi on 12 December 2019, it didn’t appear whether the rains would even stop. While surely, there are different ways to look at it.

On the one hand, the mere sound of rain tip-tapping on the roof of our house can bring forth the smile that often gets lost in living hurriedly and busily in demanding times, on the other hand, the heavy rainfall in Delhi brought about its own share of cramps in moving about in the city, amplified by the usual traffic congestion.

Under the influence of the western disturbances, the heavy rainfall in Delhi also brought about hail, something that’s not always witnessed particularly during this time of the year.

But then regardless of anything, those among us who may have been awaiting the winter chill, were left satisfied- isn’t it? As the heavy rainfall in Delhi brought the temperatures down to around 17 degrees, the collective mood of everyone expecting a dramatic turnaround in the temperatures found something finally to rave about.

Winter, in itself, is a big joy to many. Then, on top of it, rainfall of that magnitude as what was evidenced shortly ago on 12 December 2019 may have given the city exactly what it was craving for.

Hailstorm hit delhi
The Weather Channel

Here’s how it all panned out in degrees and celsius, as published on NDTV:

Delhi recorded a low of 12.8 degrees Celsius and a high of 21.5 degrees Celsius on Thursday, the Met department said. The relative humidity oscillated between 89 percent and 75 per cent.

At 4 pm, the air quality index (AQI) of Delhi was recorded at 429. An AQI of 151 and above is considered unhealthy and above 301 is deemed “hazardous”. Delhi’s suburbs, Ghaziabad (467), Noida (434), Greater Noida (423), Faridabad (410) and Gurgaon (395), also breathed extremely polluted air on Thursday.

All of that told, Delhi isn’t the only state up north that is going to relish- if it must be said- the sudden weather change. The MET department also suggests isolated heavy rainfall in Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh.

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