Arvind Kejriwal’s new advertisement is all about the ‘Gandhigiri’ concept; he has used ‘gandhigiri’ as a tool to revive the spirit of ODD-EVEN again in the hearts of Delhiites and Volunteers. Where he says that ODD-EVEN is getting support from people.

In the Advertisement, there is a person in the trademark style of Kejriwal i.e. his muffler. You can’t look at the face, however, the voice is of Delhi CM. ODD-EVEN scheme is successful and there are various incidents which are shared by volunteers and Traffic police to him, which make ODD-EVEN a success that is what we hear in the video.

Watch the ‘Gandhigiri’ of Arvind Kejriwal for ODD-EVEN in the Video:

The ad is more like a telemarketing call that we received on our phones, with a difference. In the end, as he expects to ‘hum milkar Delhi sudharenge’ (we will make sure we disciplined Delhi) and pled to accept the non-violence way to make ODD-EVEN a victorious experiment.

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7 Jan 2016
P. Rawat

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