Of all the things that surround Delhi and the interest of the national capital, an area that hardly misses the attention of everyone is fuel prices in Delhi. Isn’t it? What do you think? That said, what are the fuel prices in Delhi like at the moment? Have you got any clue?

Within days of the stock markets taking a nosedive at a global level, with the SENSEX and Dow Jones experiencing perhaps not the best of times, comes another shocker: the fall down of the global oil prices.

And now, that’s the one thing that is trending for the past several hours. With the downing of the global prices of fuel, comes the one big certainty that has impacted the lives of those in the heart of the country. But that said, make no mistake.

The fuel prices in Delhi haven’t fallen down to an extent that one would scratch the head in sheer disbelief.

So this raises the ultimate question: what are the fuel prices in Delhi like, after all?

Apparently, the fuel prices in Delhi have fallen down only marginally, if one may put it like that.

The price of petrol per litre in Delhi has come down from Rs 70 to Rs 69.87 as on last Friday, i.e., 13 March 2020.

That said, here is what some news portals had to share about a piece of development, that nevermind the quantum of change, have brought about something interesting and worth looking forward to:

The hike in excise duty comes at a time when the government is struggling to generate revenue from other avenues. In an earlier report, a government official told Mint that the decision was taken as a measure of fiscal prudence. The official also claimed that despite the steep increment in excise duty, petrol and diesel prices were lower on Saturday compared to Friday.

That being said, the fuel prices in Delhi do not only indicate the dropdown of the price of petrol per litre. The cost of diesel, per litre has come down as well. At this point, the price of diesel per litre in Delhi is Rs 62. 58. It has fallen down from Rs 62.74, which surely brings a sense of relief even though the change in amount isn’t a massive one.

But is that all? Are there other cities that have experienced a change in the price of fuel as well, apart from just the national capital of the country?

To that end, here is what Live Mint had to share:

In Kolkata, a liter of petrol is priced at ₹72.57, down from ₹72.70 yesterday. Diesel has been priced at ₹64.91 per liter. On Friday, a liter of diesel in Kolkata was priced at ₹65.07.

Furthermore, the media portal also shared that Chennai was the beneficiary of the changed scenario as well. So what are the fuel price in the southern city of India?

In Chennai, petrol is selling at ₹72.57 per liter compared to ₹72.71 on Friday. Diesel is selling at ₹66.02 down from ₹66.19 on Friday.

But all of that said, it is important to note that the currently prevailing scenario is only possible due to the changes brought out in the price of global crude. That the global crude oil prices have fallen has brought about a piece of news which the population of India would accept with glee, and with both hands. This may change soon. But for the time being, one doesn’t know by when would the existing scenario change.

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