Great monsoons, beautiful monsoons, delightful monsoons or no monsoons- which among these would the lad or chick from Delhi choose. Well, it’s obvious- isn’t it?

But guess what. We haven’t really got much of a choice where the next few days stand.

The monsoons might be here, but it doesn’t seem like it, truth be told. Not from where one sees it in Delhi, the much-loved and highly polarising capital city.

The weather in Delhi is taking a change of direction, if it must be said.

And there’s no absurdly different explanation to it other than pointing to the finding by the MET department.

Apparently, the news is out that there is not going to be any rain whatsoever in Delhi for the next four days. So if you thought that you’d find a welcoming respite from a very nearly backbreaking warm weather- then guess what- your existence became only more difficult?

What’s more?

While there’s going to be not an inch of rain whatsoever for the next four days, to add to our troubles, it’s believed that the weather may even be humid for four consecutive days.

The green spaces, wide roads and the famous “Dilli Ki Chaat” kept aside, it doesn’t seem if one can actually look forward to such a predicament at all. Isn’t it?

Here’s a piece of update that may not make the average Delhiite too chuffed about anything.

Delhi received 0.4mm of rainfall till Tuesday, with monsoon striking the capital last week on July 5. Kuldeep Srivastava, a scientist at IMD, said a dry spell over the next few days should raise maximum temperatures once again, while humidity should also be on the higher side.

What’s a bit irriating- truth be told- is that while cities like Mumbai have it a bit evened out in terms of facing duress thanks to increasing heat thanks to there being beaches, and ditto for Chennai, Delhi has no such option. What’s worse? There’s no sprinkle or tiny dot of water, not even close to where it should be ideally despite Delhi having the famous Jamuna river.

And one may have noted that some common imagery in such times if you are a Delhi-ite you’d know, is several magazines and newspapers running front-page images of semi-clothed kids jumping and hopping around in the tiny tot ponds in the vicinity of the India Gate. Maybe we are going to see more of that in the coming days- aren’t we?

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