Here is an important case in point if you are a resident of Delhi NCR; whether or not you happen to be the driver of your own car or have the ‘privilege’ of being chauffeured around.

From the month of October, all Delhi-NCR vehicles would mandatorily have to carry the fuel stickers, as directed by the Environment Pollution(Prevention and Control) authority.

And thus far, as many a 76,000 vehicles (four-wheelers) have registered with Delhi have got the HSRP (or, High-Security Registration Plates) and stickers, according to the State Transport Department.

And that said, this leads us to the further course of action, which in this case, by the way, is a simple, harmless question.

Would you happen to know the number of vehicles- in lines with the above- that still need the stickers?

Take a wild guess? Here is a clue. The number is actually somewhere close to the entire population of Finland, according to the 2018 population.

Anyways, why should we worry about something that can only make our heads wish to get scratched for the rest of their existence?

Around 5 million four-wheelers in Delhi NCR actually need the above-mentioned stickers. The revered Hindustan Times also published in greater detail about the requirement on the part of the vehicle owners (or drivers) starting the month of October hereunder and quoting the media platform directly:

The Supreme Court-appointed body Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority on Thursday directed the Delhi government and other states whose territories fall within the National Capital Region (NCR) to ensure that all four-wheelers — old and new; private and commercial; cars, trucks, and buses — must have color-coded stickers indicating what fuel they use by October 2019.

EPCA also asked all these states to ensure only High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) is used for all vehicles, even those bought before the number plates were made compulsory, before the October deadline.

In fact, that said, here’s what needs to be addressed to:

The EPCA, in fact, has directed that all four states- Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana- have to notify the time frame within which they’d be carrying out the directives issued for them to be observed starting the month of October.

To explain this precisely, all four-wheelers- whether or not a bus, truck, car; old or new, privately owned or for commercial purposes- must necessarily carry the color-coded stickers indicating what fuel they’d be using by the tenth month of the year.

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