On a serious note, religion is not a joke. Nor are those who devotedly kneel down to it in fervent faith. Nothing would stop them from taking to religion as a son takes to his mother’s feet, in the immensity of respect. Or in other words, how worldwide travelers lookout for their passport. The two are inseparable. But that said, shouldn’t some lines be drawn, at least, at some point in time, that fundamentally serve the “no trespassing area?”

Imagine what would be the fun if a son is separated from his mother simply because he was to lose his life? What would happen if the passport was impounded or the traveler met with a hideous or dangerous end?

In that way, what is one to do of a temple or mosque if one were to lose his very life in the end?

How else would one describe the utter silliness that just transpired in the heart of the national capital of the world’s largest democracy?

Turns out that no fewer than 7 people lost their lives after they had visited a Delhi mosque to do something harmless and passionate as reading the Namaaaz!

But the question is, what was the need to be out of their homes, and not inside during these perennially dangerous times marked by the Novel Covid-19 scare?

Could prayers to the almighty Allah not have been read or offered from inside the safety and assurance of the four walls?

That being said, just whose fault is it anyway? Who lost the most in the face of the Delhi mosque incident?

At this point in time, the religious gathering that took place inside the Delhi mosque has been linked to the recent deaths. These would have, unquestionably, tore apart the family of those who lost out to the dangerous Coronavirus outbreak.

What else?

At a time where staying indoors was not in the least an idea that should’ve been questioned, let alone broken brazenly, these men who are sadly not among us, thought otherwise and acted contrarily.

Just what did it serve in the end, might one ask?

Which god or the powers that be were served with unquestionable servitude at the back of such a pointless action?

The episode that shook everyone in the national capital pertains to the mosque situated at Nizamuddin.

And basis this utterly regrettable happening, the Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has ordered the police to seal the religious place of worship and also make serious investigations against the said mosque’s administration that led to such grave negligence.

Moreover, here is what the NDTV news platform had to say about the mishap:

Ignoring all social distancing rules to avoid the deadly coronavirus, hundreds had been staying in the 100-year-old mosque complex, which has a six-floor dormitory, since a two-day gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat from March 13 to 15. Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic missionary movement set up in 1926, with members across the world.

The name of the place is Markaz Nizamuddin.

But maybe it’s time to seriously question: which religion attempts to win the race in proving a point by asking its faithful to give up their lives in an act of utterly unquestionable servitude?

No, please tell us, anyone?

If the fault doesn’t lie with the religion, then could it be that it’s down to the fact that those who are immersed in an act of unstoppable following have themselves to blame?

And this is a humble and frank query that respects all religions of the world? Can anyone please stand up and answer.

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