The Delhi government is one of the interesting aspects of India that you can neither take your eyes off nor keep away from scoring the main headlines. It’s a regular part and parcel of the job for the Delhi government to announce schemes, create elaborate plans for civilian convenience, often running into an endless string of delays before it can take its plans to real fruition.

But one interesting plan initiated by the Delhi government deals directly with the female population of the NCR region, promising a huge pocket-friendly convenience for everyday travel.

For a while now, there were talks regarding Delhi government making traveling in buses and metro absolutely free for the womenfolk of the NCR region. Now, it seems that the first wheels to that course of action have been set in motion.

Wondering how?

Apparently, the Delhi government has kept aside a sum of Rs. 290 crore for women for free ride in buses as well as the Delhi metro. If anyone was looking for an amazing development from the national capital in its bid to make travel hassle-free and pocket-friendly for the women population then this is it.

Free Ride To Women In Buses

And it can’t get any better, can it? And the latest development in accordance with this ruling was made earlier on Monday when the Delhi assembly passed the government’s supplementary demands for grants toward the whopping sum of Rs 290 crore toward free travel of women in buses and metro rail.

It is believed that in the coming days, the free ride for women in Delhi would come into implementation. In fact, accurate reports suggest that from the beginning of October 29, 2019, the rides on DTC as well as the cluster buses would be absolutely free for the women of the city.

NDTV, reporting more on the story highlighted an interesting agenda that Mr. Manish Sisodia tabled for the purpose of making urban public transport more convenient for the city’s denizens.

“Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also tabled a proposal of supplementary demands for grants of Rs. 142 crore to fund the deployment of marshals in buses and Rs. 47 crore for the regional rapid transit system corridors, which were approved with a voice of votes.”

For a city notorious for posing many a threat to its womenfolk, often subjecting them to dangers and peril nightmares surrounding regular instances of crime and offenses, perhaps it may not be wrong to suggest that Delhi has taken one (rather different albeit) convenient step in order to come to the aid of its female population.

At a time where one’s constantly concerned about expenses, at least, there’s the government has covered one major expense that one has to undertake time and again. Not a bad start at all, Delhi!

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