What is it about the current Mumbai weather that is making news? While we do happen to know and understand well that year after year, there’s always something grossly suspicious about the usually high density of Mumbai’s monsoon that poses a threat and a sort of situation one may not wish to face, it appears that this time around, there’s something tricky about the current Mumbai weather.

So what is it and what might happen given that the continuous outpouring of rains has not left anything to the imagination?

Common news reports from around the country are pointing to a rather grim picture with most maintaining that Mumbai is currently in the grip of winds blowing at cyclone speed.

While it’s common knowledge that monsoons can be negotiated slightly easily, and in a much more normal way (and hence, sans much bother) in any other part of the country, and that Mumbai poses a lot many issues during its peak monsoon, it appears that the 2020 outcome has a lot to ponder about.

current Mumbai weather
source: NDTV

Firstly, on ground zero, what’s causing concern is that the strong winds are blowing at around 107 kmph. Did you note that? This said speed pattern is also expected to continue for the next few hours and it may not change all that much.

The Meteorological department, in that sense, has been sending out constant weather updates in order to keep all informed and aware. Therefore, it only makes much sense to be cautious. If you were to think of it, winds blowing at over 107 kmph are nearly cyclonic speed, aren’t they?

On top of which there is intrepid rains, all around?

In fact, Minister Aaditya Thackeray has already cautioned and requested the citizens of the city to not be ambitious or venture out needlessly. The best bet, it seems, is to stay indoors. In that regard, the social media stratosphere has also been constantly funnelling information about the kind of wreckage that’s been caused by incessant winds in this Mumbai monsoon period.

More than that, there are other media platforms that are also covering the developments in larger spectrum, such as the revered NDTV stating:

Winds of 60-70 km per hour have been reported over Colaba. But the wind speed there increased to 107 km per hour around 5 pm, the Meteorological Department has said. By evening, Mumbai’s Colaba area received 22.9 cm rainfall while Santacruz received 8.8 cm rain, the department added.

The met department said extremely heavy rainfalls also likely to continue over Mumbai tonight and reduce from tomorrow 6th August. Mumbai and adjoining areas will have rain and winds with speed reaching 70 km per hour is  likely to continue till 6th morning and gradually reduce thereafter, the department said.

Current Mumbai Weather
Image Source – IANS

Moving on, due to the spate of constant rainfall, the situation is actually so dire that the Central Railway has even reached out to fellow commuters, informing them about possible snarls and current impediments, which point to the fact that heavy rains and waterlogging have, as a result, have affected the train services on harbor line between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Vashi and on the main line to Thane.

In thus it’s needless to say amid such climactic chaos, those with private vehicles wouldn’t also desire dwelling outside too much given the usual outpouring in a cramped city like Mumbai leads to nearly endless chaos on the roads.

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In lines with the situation, Mr. Aaditya Thackrey happened to share the following message through his Twitter handle in his humble appeal to the denizens of the city:

Requesting all to remain indoors. Mumbai is lashed with high velocity winds and extremely heavy rain as we all can witness. I request all, especially journalists trying to cover this to remain safe. Stay put wherever you are!

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