Recently ambulance facilities have been in news for all the wrong reasons. Remember when a hospital in Meerut used an ambulance to ferry liquor? Yes, that and many other incidents where the drivers of Ambulance refuse to carry a dead body or doctors billed a whopping amount of 18 Lakh for a 7-year-old Dengue patient for 15 days and what not. Looks like medicine world is no more playing the partial god in our lives where they swear to save their patient and provide the best treatment and behavior.

It all is transforming into a quagmire that is consuming more money than providing services. Recently an incident from Bengaluru made our heart drown in disappointment and in disgust. Apparently, an ambulance driver asked for ₹2,500 to carry a dead body of an underprivileged man’s son’s from the hospital. The distance he had to cover was merely 3kms yet he was adamant to get money and then drive.

The parents had already paid the amount to the concerned doctors, yet other workers such as the driver, peons, and watchman demanded extra money.

A person who couldn’t bear the injustice made a video after the driver threatened to write down the number and report it to police stating that even police takes money from him. The man also stated that the bill he gave wasn’t a legitimate one.

A concerned person who enraged by this captured the whole thing on camera. The driver is seen to be speaking really rudely, he challenged the man to take down his van’s number and do whatever else he wants. Even the bill that he gave wasn’t an actual one. The man also introduced the patient’s father who was clearly not well wealthy to provide the kind of money the driver is demanding.

The driver is talking rudely and after he was given the money, the driver not only snatched and tore the bill but also tried to attack the person who was making the video.

Here is the whole video:

The person openly stated that it’s not about the money but it’s about the disrespect, irresponsibility and wrong demands of money that he is against of. Asking a huge amount for a dead body and that too from a person who is unable to make ends meet.

The person has requested people to share this video and take a stand against such people who actually trick people in their misery and make money out of their helplessness.

It’s high time we speak up or such people will continue to exploit others.

Avni S. Singh

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