It’s called the Garden city but it also happens to be one a major IT center for India.

It’s a beautiful melange of traditional old world charm and modern values. It’s an immensely important contributor to India’s GDP and a reflector of India’s prowess in the sphere of IT, Technology, and many other specters.

It’s known of its greenery, loved for the air of simplicity and, admired for being the home of some amazing personalities that have contributed a lot for India, for instance, Narayan Murthy, Prakash Padukone, Rahul Dravid, and many more.

There’s always more to Bangalore than meets the eye. And it’s always for good.

Having said the above, a true jewel in Bangalore’s crown is the famous Bangalore club. And in case, you didn’t know- for some reason- as to what it is, here’s what you ought to know.

The Bangalore Club is arguably the most eminent symbol of pride for the southern city in the heart of Karnataka. The club, that was established during the time of the British rule, in India, has grown into being what was formerly, a symbol of the colonial era struggle, an enduring little enigma of Bangalore.

And just how did the Bangalore club commemorate the 150th year of its establishment?

Bangalore Club

The city’s elite and eminent personalities got together and released a beautiful coffee-table book along with some select postage stamps, and also postal covers.

Speaking on the aforementioned development, an instrumental print media centered in South of India reported more on the matter and shared the following:

Justice (retired) N Santosh Hegde, a former president of Bangalore Club, released the commemorative book entitled ‘Another World’ that traces the club’s history and culture. Air Marshal RKS Bhadauria, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Training Command…Hegde reminisced about his years at the club and its former members. “I applied for membership in 1969 when I was a young lawyer. Back then, young boys were not much encouraged to join the club. Fortunately, I somehow got the membership and I created…”

Amid the tonnage of beautiful recollections on a part of the city that’s embedded as much in its presence as it was in the past, the coffee table book truly stands out in the sense that it details the relationship this venerable element of the city has had with different areas, for instance, the cantonment area.

Marking the 150th anniversary- which is, well, quite a journey that the Bangalore club has had- a series of events occurred leading up to the felicitations held on Saturday, 15 December 2018.

And if, in case you were wondering whether the launch of the coffee-table book was the only exceptional occurrence for the D-day, then, well, think again.

It was also shared that the Bangalore Club released a special video on the occasion of the sesquicentennial anniversary whose duration is a good 12-minutes. Marking the special occasion were artists and talents from all over the city who joined in to commemorate a truly special date in the history of Bangalore. The next time you are in Bangalore, make sure you discover things like these that aren’t just engraved in the city’s corporate highs.


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