We know it to be a city where the current Prime Minister has led most of his political life and career. We also identify it to be amongst the nicest and cleanest cities of the country. Above anything else, it is also, in case, you didn’t notice, referred to as the vegetarian capital of India.

When was the last time you heard a dull news about Ahmedabad? Chances are, even if you did, it’s time to put it behind and usher in toward something rather interesting.

In what’s believed to be an interesting step taken to ensure cleanliness and hygiene under the “Ek Kadam Swachhta Ki Aur” movement, Ahmedabad’s municipal schools have taken a decision to give their students free haircuts.

In case, you didn’t really get it right or believe it, the news is confirmed and by now, has made its way into all corners of the country. All primary school students of Ahmedabad’s municipal schools are to get free hair-cuts every month in the times to come.

This, it is believed, is an important initiative, as part of the government-run “Ek Kadam Swachhta Ki Aur” movement. And any doubts whatsoever that India’s campaign toward cleanliness not being on the right course or path can happily sit back in dismay. There’s hardly a doubt that it is cities like Gujarat’s Ahmedabad- an important cultural and economic- centre have led the forthcoming transformation of the country’s hygiene and sense of cleanliness.

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Here’s some more information in regards to arguably the most enterprising and surprising news of the week from the Gujarati city:

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has, reportedly, inked an agreement with the International School of Aesthetics and Spa (ISAS), an NGO, to implement the programme which will see 1.25 lakh students studying in 380 civic schools getting a free haircut every month.

Confirming that the city’s municipal corporation had entered into an agreement with the said NGO regarding student’s hair ‘hygiene’, the administrative officer of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation shared the exciting bit of news. It is expected, in the forthcoming days, the campaign entrusted with student’s hair-hygiene will be commenced. At this point in time, maybe the program will begin from the month of August.

What has also been confirmed is that while the boys’ hair will be cut by professional males, the girls will have women engaged in the needful.

But, at the same time, it will not be a forced effort involving each and every student. It is believed the hair-cutting procedure will only continue upon taking into consideration the perspective of the students as well as their parents.

Mr L D Desai, in-charge of the project has also shared some thoughts in relation to the progress of this campaign, “We have started taking written permission from them as only those who agree to it will be eligible for the free haircut. Fifty per cent of students and their parents have agreed.”

This is indeed an interesting first step being initiated at a school-level in Ahmedabad to ensure a student’s hair hygiene. And perhaps, also gives rich homage to what the father of the nation MK Gandhi had said, “charity begins at home.” Take that thoughtful observation and apply it to oneself in the context of cleanliness and hygiene.


If one cannot keep himself clean and tidy, how can one be expected to keep the surroundings clean? Isn’t it?

In that capacity, the move taken by Ahmedabad is rather positive and enterprising and it remains to be seen whether other schools in different urban centres of India can come up with a repeat of the Gujarat city? Or will we see something new and visionary being done in that regard?

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