Chennai Road Incident Is The New Meme On The Internet

What happened yesterday in Chennai was nothing short of a Hollywood movie coming to life. It was more bizarre than traditional Indian standards but then we are occasionally blessed with incidents like these, make us feel that India can do anything.

Yesterday, i.e. Sunday 9th April, the popular Anna Salai, or Mount Road, somehow got a huge dent in it. The cave-in kind of situation even managed to trap a bus as well as a car in it. The incident took place at 1.30 pm in the afternoon, near the Thousand Light Mosque and seems to be too bizarre to actually be real, however, it did happen.

The road on which this incident occurred was having an underground tunnel work under it, for Chennai Metro Rail. As per the officials, the soil under the road might have loosened due to the on-going tunnel work. All the metro work has been temporarily suspended and the police have cordoned off the area.

Even though this extreme incident did not have any casualties, and only left people with minor injuries, it does make one raise eyebrows on the serious concerns about road safety in the city. Which is one of the reasons why people on Twitter, and other social media platforms, went berserk after seeing the images. The images from the site of the incident instantly went viral with some photoshopic additions.

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10th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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