According to latest updates, it has been confirmed that the Bihar Police is also going to investigate the death of actor Sushant Singh’s former manager. It was only a day before Sushant Singh passed away that his then-manager Disha supposedly jumped from a high-rise building and took her own life. Although, there have been some suspicions regarding her demise; as to why she committed such a sudden act.

Now, nonetheless, Bihar Police, that is already doing its bit to investigate the demise of former actor Sushant Singh- who hailed from the state- will also be putting their energies and minds behind the death of the actor’s former manager.

It can be seen, therefore, that all of a sudden have the Bihar Police jumped into the thick scene of crime investigation about a case that is not only high profile but one that has, where the fan sentiment stands, shattered so many minds and hopes.

What might happen at the end of the day is something we really don’t know and can only wonder about, but from the looks of it, it can be said that the days in the immediate future (ahead of us) may be mired in high-octane investigation and action.

Already, the way in which Bihar Police have worked, thus far, showing utmost regard and sensitivity to this matter have suggested the ‘what if’; what if Mumbai Police, the city where Sushant actually took his life- as suggested- might have acted with such caution and vigilance? And hence, all the negative press that currently surrounds the Mumbai Police.

But one thing must be said with absolute certainty and it’s that the nature of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is so tricky that ever since his untimely and unfortunate demise, there has not been a day where new claims and suggestions are not surfacing on mainstream media with the social media ecosystem being bellied with calls for ‘justice’ and for ‘seeing to it’ that the truth prevails in the end.

sushant singh rajput death case

In accordance with the current development, however, that suggests the newly added role onto the Bihar Police’ shoulders, it is important to note the following excerpts from a leading media outlet:

Bihar Police will probe the death of Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Disha Salian, as part of its investigation into a complaint by the actor’s father accusing his reported girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, of illegally transferring Rs 15 crore from his son’s Mumbai bank account and mentally harassing him.

Ms Salian, 28, allegedly killed herself by jumping off a high-rise in Mumbai’s Malad on June 8. Mr Rajput died less than a week later; his body was found at his residence in the city, with the cops confirming that he had died by suicide.

Meanwhile, to add further, there were also some responses given by Shri Sanjay Singh, Inspector-General of Bihar Police, stationed in Patna in regards to this matter wherein he shared, “We are going to investigate suicide of Sushant Rajput’s former manager, Disha Salian, and will also question his friend Siddharth Pithani, who was staying with the actor for the past year.”

All said and done, one realises this isn’t just any case; this is a massive investigation, one wherein the hopes and beliefs of countless fans of the MS Dhoni- the untold story actor are pinned in a bid to find justice for the great actor. The same for his former manager; one must get to the bottom of her demise to understand just what happened that the girl decided to take her own life, as alleged.

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