Probably 2020 is the year where one has gone on to hear possibly the most damaging things about India, an economy otherwise said to be among the fastest-growing in the world, not just in Asia. While much of the negativity surrounding the country is down to the fact the year has wreaked havoc for much of the world (not just India)- well, the pandemic- truth still is, India has administered itself a blow.

And why is that? Lack of job creations, sluggish economic growth, lack of reforms that, perhaps should have taken place a while back, a shrinking GDP, and a combination of all of these have dwindled the economy. And should we sit down and debate whether these aren’t true and are still fabricated and that the powers that be are doing a fabulous job may only lead us to pull out our hair needlessly for what do arguments lead to, at the end of the day?

It’s therefore, not too difficult to understand where India sits at the moment, in the light of the current troubles, which is why to even think that the remainder of the world would be keen to invest in the country seems like a no brainer. Isn’t it?

But having said that, is that even true? And if so, then how far is this true? Could it be that there’s a greater truth than what appears and that we do not know of the existential situations in entirety?

While it is common to have an individual opinion, it’s something quite other to have an expert opinion- isn’t it?

And what could be better than hearing from some of the biggest or most influential names in the country, in the realm of finance and banking?

Actually, what Mr. Uday Kotak had to say on the matter of investing in India recently was an eye opener, truth be told.

“I have always believed you have to invest in India when things look more challenging,” said Mr. Uday Kotak, the Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Bank ltd.”

Meanwhile Carlyle Group’s founder, Mr David Rubenstein happened to echo a positive sentiment as well, highlighting the optimism that’s not too hard to ignore-

“The best place to invest in the world outside of the U.S. over the next ten years or so are certainly going to be India and China!”

Perhaps it’s not too hard to disassociate oneself with the sentiments of some of these esteemed individuals for the simple reason that, especially where it comes to India, there are no fewer than half a billion internet users in the country and that massive number may only increase in the imminent future.

So a country where there’s youth and tech, how can there not be a scope to invest big and search for soft spots to work in one’s favour? What do you reckon? Actually, a lot shall get clear around March-April 2021 as to where the Indian economy stands in the context of economic growth and what levels of comfort might it afford those who wish to invest in India.

While 2020 might have been a challenging year, one can say with some optimism that things will turn for the better the approaching year. After all, how long can the world stay in another phase of lockdown, should it come to that, given that the planet is yet to break free of the maddening pandemic in entirety?

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