India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Each of its states has its own personality and culture. Andhra Pradesh is one state like that which is the seat of vibrancy when it comes to festivals. They form an essential part of the socio-cultural life of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

These famous festivals of Andhra Pradesh aren’t only restricted to a particular group of people who follow the same religion but others also actively participate in celebrating the festivals.

If you happen to visit Andhra Pradesh during any of these festivals, rest assured you will enjoy yourselves because people here will never exclude you out of any of the festivities. The love and warmth amongst people are enough to make you feel one of them.

Here are some famous festivals of Andhra Pradesh:


festivals of Andhra Pradesh
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Makar Sankranti is one of those ancient festivals which has been celebrated
according to the solar cycle. It is celebrated in January and marks the first day in the Hindu calendar.

The folks of Andhra Pradesh celebrate this festival over a period of four days – Bhogi, Makar Sankranti, Kanuma and Mukkanuma. The Hindus do not eat any nonveg until the 4 th day.

It is a grand celebration as most members of the family come together to celebrate it. You’ll see colors everywhere and kids playing on the streets and terraces. The people love to fly kites during the festival. The sight in the sky is very enchanting.


festivals of Andhra Pradesh

Ugadi is celebrated sometime in the months of March and April with much pomp and grandeur. As spring is associated with being the season that gives birth to a new life of greenery in nature, so also this festival celebrates the opportunity to start anew.

This festival also has a significant social and economical influence on the people of the region. The people cook up special delicious like Bobbatlu or Pulihora and such to add to the festivities. Many literary fairs are organized throughout the state to celebrate this festival.


Andhra Pradesh festivals
Bhagwan Bhajan

This festival is also known as Dussehra or Dasara. This is the celebration of good over evil. It is observed on the 10th day in the Hindu Lunar month of Ashwin and marks the end of Navaratri.

The grandeur and the pomp with which this festival is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh is a sight to behold. Pandals and temples are decorated and many people flock to the temples to offer their prayers.

Prasadam is also distributed amongst the devotees after the puja ceremonies get over. Children enjoy this festival like enthu cutlets because there are numerous functions happening throughout the state. One can feel joy in the atmosphere when they visit the state during this festival.


Andhra Pradesh festivals

This is one of the most religiously celebrated famous festivals in Andhra Pradesh.There are many Muslims in Andhra Pradesh, especially in the Old City. So this festival holds much relevance to the people around also.

Muslims observe a month long fast which starts at 4 am in the morning and ends when the sun sets. After that, they have a sumptuous dinner which involves a lot of fruits and dates. Id-ul- Fitr is the day that brings them to the end of their month long fast.

This day is very sought after. Everyone breaks into a feast and celebrate the festival. The delicacies which are made during this festival are now made mainstream.

Every other restaurant has mastered the art of making it and people from far and wide have it also. Few of these delicacies are now crowd-favourites.


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This is not a festival which has been followed for many centuries but a new one which is a specialty of the state. The heart of this festival is Visakhapatnam because it celebrates this city.

The festival isn’t restricted to only one place but is celebrated all over the state. The department of tourism hosts this festival with arts and crafts fairs or cultural programs, etc. special food stalls are set up which serve freshly made delicacies of the city.

This festival is just a fair you went to as a kid but is ten times bigger than that. The three days of this festival are marked with jubilant celebrations.

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