Repatriation. That’s actually what’s needed during this moment of crisis, during this time where nearly every country in the world is observing a national emergency.

Those who are already in the comfort of their homes, amid the loved ones can never truly understand the detachment that troubles those who aren’t in home comfort or amid their families.

Isn’t that right? In that regard, what matters most is to be united to one’s near and dear ones. But that’s also something that seems a bit of an issue, something that’s a bit problematic given the world is witnessing an unrelenting lockdown, with every major or reputable airline shut given zero operations.

Who will travel after all? Just who is going to go for a vacation or set aboard a flight in these times?

But interestingly, that is precisely where a recent development from the stable of Air India becomes so meaningful and useful, particularly with the intrepid lockdown in the background.

So what happened recently was that an Air India flight carrying Indians traveled back to the country from Singapore. It was, what one can certainly call the often-troubled Air India’s first repatriated flight during these tense times.

Carrying those Indians who were left stranded in Singapore but had to be desperately united by their families back at home, a special Air India flight arose to national headlines in India, besides forming some useful headlining material in Singapore.

In such a moment of difficulty, this actually calls for an excellent achievement, one that must be celebrated, since not many are willing to put their lives on the line for the sake of the others.

What do you think?

In that regard, there is hardly any surprise in noting the several whirlwind reactions that have currently engulfed the Twitter stratosphere, congratulating what, given the current circumstances, calls for some adulation.

Most news media, regardless of what you follow and choose to hear and see are rightly praising the recent Air India flight AI 381 that only just landed in India all the way from Singapore’s most important and only Changi Airport.

Now just imagine the emotions of those who may have finally met their families, having spent days away from them, in another country, for whatever reason- employment, vocation, business or facing other challenges.

What an incredible moment for those who are united.

One can only say, well done Air India! Simply incredible!

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