After Alcohol Ban, Maikhana Express Is Fulfilling The Needs Of Bihari Alcohol Lovers

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar imposed a ban on Alcohol in Bihar last month from then Bihar went dry. The action taken by the government did not impress the alcohol lovers in the state. Most of them were against the ban but even after it was imposed, the citizen of Bihar has found a new unimaginable way to fulfil their alcoholic needs.

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From various towns, people are travelling great lengths just to satisfy the cravings of Alcohol. Some are regular consumer of alcohol and they can not stand a day without it and that is how Maikhana Express became a blessing for every alcohol consumer.

Apparently this 55017 Chhapra-Mau passenger ferries men from nearby areas in Bihar and Chhapra to Suraimanpur railway station as the railway station is just across the border in Uttar Pradesh. The train reaches there by 6 pm and as soon as it reaches the station, people, driven by alcohol cravings make their journey to the liquor shop near the station in a rush. They have 40 minutes of quality time to drink as much as they can as 55132 Chhapra passenger stagger back to the railway station  at 6.40 pm to return to Chhapra.

The train is now called as  ‘Maikhana Express’ (Liquor train)  according to a report in Times of India. Some of the passengers drink in Suraimanpur while other carry a bottle of soft drink filled with water and the alcohol of their choice.

In the last month, there has been a huge rise in the purchase of the tickets of Chhapra passenger. People have booked monthly season tickets (MST) to save the time.

After Alcohol ban, Chhapra passenger has bought a 40-minute party for every Alcoholic lover in Bihar.

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4 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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