Gone are the days when women were considered any less than men but a few of them are still holding these malicious thoughts in their mind. Where women are leading in politics, corporate, entertainment industry, news sector, sports and every other respective field, there are still places, which need a reality check. Men in such places need to awaken of a woman’s potential because after watching this video of a man kicking and slapping a woman in gym, it is clear that their mind is filled with garbage when it comes to respecting a woman.

I mean why the hell we are even thinking of equal rights, when a man can come and beat you up in front of people as per his desire. This kind of freedom in our society is degrading the value of female gender and it should be completely unacceptable.

In a recent incident which happened on this Thursday evening, in Indore. A man started beating a woman in a gym in front of people. A couple of people stopped that man from beating the woman and helped her. The insane act was caught on the cctv camera of the Gym. 

The woman filed a complaint about this man. The suspect is identified as Punit Malviya and a case of molestation and assault has been registered against him. The police is still investigating and trying to catch Punit. The trainer of the gym has stated that Punit escaped following the incident. He has provided the camera footage to help police.

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Even if the accused would get arrested, will it heal the humiliation the victim has to go through? No, it would make it worse as she would be called to examine and many statements would be taken and we all know that cases like these get nowhere. Till what time, we will tolerate this?

This is not a case of assault or molestation,this is a case of sick mentality that we need to demolish. Dear men, before you speak “not all of us”, just make sure if you are against such actions, raise your voice and do something about it because such maniacs are disgracing your whole gender.

19 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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