A 13 Year Old Akshat Mittal Came Up With A Brilliant Idea To Make Odd-Even Easier

While the 18 plus commuters of Delhi are engaged in a debate about how to tackle the recent initiative of Odd and Even? A thirteen-year-old boy Akshat Mittal came up with a brilliant Website that disentangles the confusion of Odd-Even formula.

The idea of Odd-Even is launched to curb pollution caused by vehicles in Delhi. But despite the larger motive behind it, some commuters are not in the favour of the initiative that is about to go on trial for 15 days starting January 2016.

Akshat Mittal  who is part of the TiE Delhi-NCR Young Entrepreneur program (TYE) and a student of Amitynternational, Noida made a website that gives the users information about the kind of cars shuttling on a particular day so they can plan their journey when the rule is applied. Not only that but it also allows you to hitch a ride with the other commuters based on your preferences. You can also discover the route plans of the cars to share accordingly, states a report published in Economic Times.

A 13 Year Old Akash Mittal Came Up With A Brilliant Idea To Make Odd-Even Easier
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Isn’t it wonderful? It will make the Odd-Even formula better for everyone as it allows you to share a ride even if you don’t own a car. All you need to do is ask for a ride in a car heading to the similar destination as yours. You just need to find a commuter with whom you can travel.

To utilize the services provided by the website, you need to log onto (https://www.odd-even.com). Put the information including your name, the registration number of your car, your destination and preferred choices concerning a commuter.

Akshat Mittal is also developing a mobile application which will allow you to access the website through your mobile.

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22 Dec, 2015
Avni S. Singh

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