Rappers in India are multiplying at such an increasing rate as if they are raining from the sky. Okay! So, the youth of India have always loved rappers and probably that’s why we have some decent ones. However, people need to know that every enthusiast cannot be a master of the art called Rapping. After all, not everyone has got the talent. Right?

But we Indians never give up, do we? It seems that after internet gave us the power of becoming an internet sensation overnight, all the so-called-rappers started writing. That’s not the worst, the lyrics are, and to the extent that can make you cringe. So gross that they can make your ears bleed and your heart sink in gloominess as you see the death of good music.
Not long ago, we have seen Dhinchak Pooja gaining eyes so much so that it landed her on Bigg Boss 11. Can you beat that? Believe us she is not the only shocking wonder in the line, there are a few Indian rappers that are the epitome of worst rapping ever.

Here is the terrifying list:

1. Dhinchak Pooja

Of course, this one is the queen of ‘worst rap world’. She earned her popularity after releasing “Selfie Song” and we still can’t figure out why the hell she chose to write only the nonsensible lines for this one.

2. Rap King

Ever heard, Bol Na Aunty? He is the creator of that filthy, cheap and sick song, and guess what? Some (approx 150-200 people), being devoted to crap, shitty rap cult went to CP to sing this song together.

3. Humans Of Jharsa

After listening to this guy, even musical notes would have thought to commit suicide or wished they never existed. We bet you won’t survive the whole track.

4. Indian Aayba

We are short of words to explain the humiliation writing and music both have felt. Even the creator of this universe will fail to explain what the hell is this.

5. Wazir

This guy is so full of himself. You might wanna go and bang your head somewhere.
All of them are not invisible in the world of Internet and the worst part is that while we completely agree that these people make utter shitty raps, we are the ones who make them popular.

7 November 2017
Avni S. Singh