3 Things We Completely Misunderstand About Goddess Kali!

Goddess Kali’s Significance Have Been Altered With Time.

Goddess Kali, the destroyer of evil forces, the Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Adi Shakti or Adi Parashakti, she has many names and also known as the divine protector of the universe. It is said that Goddess Kali bestows moksha but with the change in time, people have altered her significance.

Goddess Kali is feared more than worship, owing to the rumors that she is a goddess of destruction. The understanding of the divine has not only been changed but it has also become ignorant, the powerful Goddess who should be an inspiration is feared because the power to us has become a synonym of terror or fright.
image source: indiatimes.com
image source: indiatimes.com

Goddess Kali is popular as the slayer of Rakt Beej. The demon had the ability to reproduce himself from every drop of his blood that touches the ground. None of the deities were able to defeat him but Kali not only defeated him but drank every drop of his blood in her anger.

The origin of Kali is controversial for the reason that there are many legends that claim how Goddess Kali came into existence. A legend claims that Goddess Kali is the wrath of Durga, another claim Kali came into being when Shiva and Parvati merged their body to kill demon Daruka. It’s uncertain to state which one is true.

3 Things We Completely Misunderstand About Goddess Kali (2)
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Over the period of time Goddess Kali has been misinterpreted and linked with evil things and we here have the 3 major beliefs about the Goddess Kali that turn out to be completely wrong according to the Mythology.

1. Kali Is Blood-curdling Always.

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image source: i.pinimg.com
When the whole universe was threatened by demon Raktabeej, Goddess Kali did take the fearsome form and in her wrath, she lost control and started killing everyone whoever came in her way. To curb the anger of Kali, Lord Shiva lay on the ground and stopped her.
What made her fearsome?

She was acting as a protector for her fellow god and goddess, for the world and her children. People may form a scary image of her after listening to this story but the truth is that she has an ocean of love in her heart for this world which instigated her anger. Goddess Kali is the reflection of your personality, it’s your sagacity to learns all the good things or your stupidity to inhere the bad lessons.

2. Weird Rituals

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Any Goddess in our Mythology did not demand an appropriate offering from their devotees. A mother like Goddess Kali only needs pure devotion of her children so that she can bestow them with happy lives but people have misunderstood her. Rather than offering her love and red flowers they offer all sorts of meat and blood.

3. Black Magic

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image source: i.pinimg.com
It is said that Goddess Kali is such deity who does not ask for any rules or rituals to follow. She easily answers the prayers of her children. She doesn’t differentiate in her children knowing the fact that everyone is answerable for their own karma. With time people have associated her name with Black Magic but she has no relation to such filthy things. Although, it is said that Kali is an energy that is easier to access for humans than of other energies but Goddess Kali has no role in Black Magic.

Do you remember that Nazis painted the Swastika symbol black and gave it a bad name? Similar is something that has happened with the name of Kali. People with malicious intentions have defamed her name.

Goddess Kali is a hope of love. life and a symbol of hope. People have forgotten the true meaning of her existence but she will always be the nurturing Goddess who will unleash the wrath upon demons and bless her devotees.

6 September 2017
Avni S. Singh
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