26 This Date Is Indeed Dangerous! FACTS Will prove This.

Earthquakes subsequently followed by a tsunami (however, not in all cases), Volcanic eruptions, and even terrorist attacks, 26th seems to be darkened by these events. Is it a coincidence? Or there are some scientific reasons behind it. Nobody knows the truth.

Yes, there are days and dates when these natural and man-made disasters occurred, however the commonality that occurs with the date 26 is not seen and shared by other date. So here are some facts from past and present which illustrates the dark date 26.

Let us know if you think that 26 is indeed dangerous.

1. If you were in South Asia you must have felt the earthquake yesterday, which shook Pakistan, Afghanistan and northern region of India. Its magnitude was about 7.7 leaving hundreds of casualties.

image source: bbc

2. The Kutch earthquake if you have forgotten, occurred on our 52nd Republic day, resulted in  20,023 deaths and destroyed nearly 400,00 homes.

image source: nicee

3. Major disaster which is synonymous as one of the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded in history. Its magnitude was about 9.1 to 9.3, it is the third-largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismograph. Call it Indian Ocean Tsunami, South-Asian tsunami and the boxing day tsunami. It affected 14 countries resulted in death of 230,000 people.

image source: mgafrica

4. Our neighbour got hit by an earthquake on April 25th, 2015, however on April 26 a very powerful aftershock of 6.7 magnitude ruined life of many in Nepal.

image source: bbc

5. July 26 is now commonly referred as the flood day of Mumbai. The day on which our financial capital stood still was July 26, 2015.

image source: foninja

6. 1531, 26 January shook Lisbon, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami resulted in
approximately 30,000 deaths.

image source: snipview.com

7. In 1700, 26 January witnessed 1700 Cascadia earthquake. In the Cascadia subduction zone great earthquakes occur about every 500 years on average.


8. The Molise earthquake in Italy occurred on July 26 1805, with a magnitude of 6.6.

image source: fhshh

9. Earthquake in Kansu, China killed 70000 people on December 26 1932.

image source: boston

10. 1943 Tosya–Ladik earthquake occurred on November 26 in Northern Turkey. The estimated magnitude was 7.2 and caused 4000 casualties.

image source: cbslocal

11. The 1957 Abant earthquake occurred on May 26, its magnitude was 7.1, however casualties were 52.

image source: snipview

12. Bam, Iran earthquake took 60000 lives on 26th December, 2003.

image source: newstribune

13. Merapi volcanic eruption occurred on 26th Oct, 2010.

image source: therealbest

28 Oct, 2015

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