What can you do in these times mired by social distancing? You’re isolated. It isn’t entirely inaccurate to state that the world is, actually, closed. People aren’t traveling. Forget traveling, they aren’t setting a foot outside the domestic comfort. It’s pretty much akin to the ghastly idea from the far-off state called dystopia that one neither wishes to think about, let alone face the trauma of being in. Corona… Corona.. and more Corona.!!

How ridiculous that a beer bearing the name of the virus has gone unsold. The markets are crashing. The family members, if it must be said, could possibly be tired of staring into each other’s hopeless, flat faces. They lack emotions. Well, excitement, precisely, if it can be put that way.

Not a day passes by these days where our concerns aren’t served right for, after all, there’s a big cause of worry. A major virus-fueled epidemic has gotten loose. And our worse fears are finding ground.

But what the hell? Can we not play? Have you ever asked yourself this simple, harmless question: what sport should I play during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Well, tennis is the answer. In all other sports, save Badminton, and it wouldn’t really make sense to say it’s the cousin of Tennis, you require a team.

Or for that matter Billiards or Pool, which, for the lack of rigor required, perhaps cannot be marked in the same explicit category as Tennis or Badminton.

what sport to play during coronavirus outbreak

So whether you are an upset homemaker, utterly bugged by the idea of facing the same kitchen, dining table, and whatnot, a student who’s book-ridden existence is making space for the comfy loungy sofa albeit still carrying the book under the watchful eye of the parent or an accomplished Ola or Uber-riding, Netflix-watching entrepreneur whose dreading the state of lockdown, do ask yourself the question:

What sport should I play during the Coronavirus outbreak? And hell yeah, the answers as stated above, are pretty much it.

A renowned website based in the United States has the following to share on the matter:

Gyms are closed, the world is prevailing in a sense of lockdown.

Which is perhaps why some people have picked up their tennis racquets. DC courts had plenty of players this past weekend. But is it safe to play? While you’ll be at least six feet away from the person on the other side of the net, the virus could be on the balls both of you are picking up after each point.

An informal survey of two dozen area tennis players found that many had played in the past week. Some were hitting just with family members with whom they are quarantined. Others were taking safety measures—opting for singles but not doubles, wearing gloves to handle the balls, dosing in hand sanitizer, and certainly not high-fiving or shaking hands.

And surely, the time has come to stop ogling at the cute pictures of Tennis’ hot stars and icons. Time to stop hiding the laptop screen from the prying eyes of those who perhaps may be surprised by your utter dedication of being “seemingly busy” behind the concrete screen.

Go pick up that racquet. Call in your cousin or whosoever you’d like to play Tennis with. And now that you have the answer to a very relevant query in these boring days, do not, therefore, seem clueless and think again: what sport should I play during the Coronavirus outbreak? The answer to that is with you, already!

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