Young French driver Pierre Gasly, 59 Grands Prix starts, 2 podiums, one of which transpired into a heart-stopping, emotional win- shall continue to race for Alpha Tauri in 2021. 

In the 12 races held so far, Gasly has finished inside the top-ten on no fewer than 8 occasions (2 DNFs) which is a huge leap in performance especially at the back of facing a lot of heat in FORMULA 1. 

To his dismay, he may still find some who’d reckon what’s he even doing in F1 when other younger guys are coming through (and this isn’t Kimi Raikkonen we are talking about) especially at a time where the likes of Lando Norris, George Russell, Lance Stroll, and Alexander Albon are getting better by the day. 

But Gasly’s retention at the currently Honda-powered Alpha Tauri is special news is for plenty of reasons, some of which we try to decode in this ode to the man who’s been a figure of persistence amid ceaseless pressure.  

Pierre Gasly, much like any driver competing at the highest annals of Grand Prix racing, has one big goal: to win a world title.

Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 2021 Season

Not that at 26, he’s been there and done the quintessential; sprayed the champagne from the most coveted of steps on the podium with the world staring in awe at his easygoing smile.

But in a sport known to tax one’s body and rigorously, Pierre Gasly’s journey- 3 years since making his debut at the 2017 Malaysian GP- has hardly ever been smooth.

But who’s fault is it anyway?

In the pursuit of chasing an enthralling dream- where he’s achieved feats like Monza 2020 (a very gutsy drive particularly in the second half of the race) Gasly’s endured battles even in personal life whilst driving on the edge, but soldiered on.

Can you hold your shit together after being demoted not even from a year of your promotion from the first really big drive of your FORMULA 1 journey?

This is when you do end up beating Max Verstappen in the same car and that too at the historic Silverstone (home to the British GP), among the challenging high downforce set-ups on the calendar?

Can you then keep yourself composed after losing your best friend and that too in the very season where you professionally suffered a blow? Who can ever forget Anthoine Hubert, Spa 2019?

Yet, Gasly, who so far, is the only non-Mercedes race-winner in 2020 besides none other than his ex-teammate Max Verstappen- kept up the fight, contesting as you may imagine despite enormous emotional blows.

A few weeks before he found his vindication – winning at Monza, arguably the fastest track on the calendar besides Spa-Francorchamps- Pierre Gasly found his Normandy house burgled, robbed in addition to precious watches and jewellery, racing helmets.

That it is Pierre-69 points in comparison to Kvyat’s 14- who’s leading Alpha Tauri’s fight in a midfield featuring Ricciardo, Leclerc, Perez, Norris, and Sainz- only explains well that where he could’ve chosen to pack up and leave, here he is – blossoming like a lotus amid contaminated waters.

One reckons, as a result of the countless challenges the talented speedster has had to endure, not necessarily always on the grid, that Gasly may occasionally seem uncomfortable in taking the wild leaps and nasty lunges as some of the other privileged ones (toy with) on the grid.

That he shall continue to build a case for the Alpha Tauri- a team with which he claimed his maiden win, the first of many one hopes-brings a sense of gladness to those who believe in him and his kinds: a DNA that knows nothing about giving up.

At 26, having been in the pinnacle of motor racing for no fewer than 3 full years, but not before proving his detractors wrong, Gasly is here.

He is holding the fight, flexing his racing muscle and proving why one must keep contending despite facing an enormity of challenges.

5920202020 Portuguese Grand Prix AlphaTauri510
5820202020 Eifel Grand Prix AlphaTauri68
5720202020 Russian Grand Prix AlphaTauri92
5620202020 Tuscan Grand Prix AlphaTauriDNF0
5520202020 Italian Grand Prix AlphaTauri125
5420202020 Belgian Grand Prix AlphaTauri84
5320202020 Spanish Grand Prix AlphaTauri92
5220202020 70th Anniversary GP AlphaTauri110
5120202020 British Grand Prix AlphaTauri76
5020202020 Hungarian Grand Prix AlphaTauriDNF0
4920202020 Styrian Grand Prix AlphaTauri150
4820202020 Austrian Grand Prix AlphaTauri76
4720192019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Toro Rosso180
4620192019 Brazilian Grand Prix Toro Rosso218
4520192019 USA Grand Prix Toro Rosso160
4420192019 Mexican Grand Prix Toro Rosso92
4320192019 Japanese Grand Prix Toro Rosso76
4220192019 Russian Grand Prix Toro Rosso140
4120192019 Singapore Grand Prix Toro Rosso84
4020192019 Italian Grand Prix Toro Rosso110
3920192019 Belgian Grand Prix Toro Rosso92
3820192019 Hungarian Grand Prix Red Bull68
3720192019 German Grand Prix Red Bull140
3620192019 British Grand Prix Red Bull412
3520192019 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull76
3420192019 French Grand Prix Red Bull101
3320192019 Canadian Grand Prix Red Bull84
3220192019 Monaco Grand Prix Red Bull511
3120192019 Spanish Grand Prix Red Bull68
3020192019 Azerbijan Grand Prix Red BullDNF0
2920192019 Chinese Grand Prix Red Bull69
2820192019 Bahrain Grand Prix Red Bull84
2720192019 Australian Grand Prix Red Bull110
2620182018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Toro RossoDNF0
2520182018 Brazilian Grand Prix Toro Rosso130
2420182018 Mexican Grand Prix Toro Rosso101
2320182018 USA Grand Prix Toro Rosso120
2220182018 Japanese Grand Prix Toro Rosso110
2120182018 Russian Grand Prix Toro RossoDNF0
2020182018 Singapore Grand Prix Toro Rosso130
1920182018 Italian Grand Prix Toro Rosso140
1820182018 Belgian Grand Prix Toro Rosso92
1720182018 Hungarian Grand Prix Toro Rosso68
1620182018 German Grand Prix Toro Rosso140
1520182018 British Grand Prix Toro Rosso130
1420182018 Austrian Grand Prix Toro Rosso110
1320182018 French Grand Prix Toro RossoDNF0
1220182018 Canadian Grand Prix Toro Rosso110
1120182018 Monaco Grand Prix Toro Rosso76
1020182018 Spanish Grand Prix Toro RossoDNF0
920182018 Azerbijan Grand Prix Toro Rosso120
820182018 Chinese Grand Prix Toro Rosso180
720182018 Bahrain Grand Prix Toro Rosso412
620182018 Australian Grand Prix Toro RossoDNF0
520172017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Toro Rosso160
420172017 Brazilian Grand Prix Toro Rosso120
320172017 Mexican Grand Prix Toro Rosso130
220172017 Japanese Grand Prix Toro Rosso130
120172017 Malaysian Grand Prix Toro Rosso140
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