One look at the headlines regarding this one and you instantly feel that Jim Morrison or Bob Marley should’ve been around to see this for real! What a pity.

Seth Rogen might like it quite a bit. So will his good mate James Franco. And Snoop Dogg would relish it. And so will every sophomore or teenager who’s endured the ‘highs’ and lows of life unwittingly.

In a piece of news that shall spark the attention of Californians, Los Angeles, home to Hollywood shall soon be home to a one of a kind weed museum.

Yeah, that’s right. You didn’t imagine blowing Haley’s Comet up in flames. This is for real.

Named interestingly as Weedmaps museum of weed, Hollywood shall soon exhibit the weed museum to onlookers and curious eyebrows on August 3, which is well, only under a fortnight away.

This is something unprecedented and hitherto, hardly seen in the modern history of most world cities- isn’t it?

But wait a second.

This weed museum pulls no punches and isn’t, in any way, going to push people to light up an unwilling puff of any sort. Actually aimed to foster a positive step toward pro-cannabis advocacy, the sparkling new development from Weedmaps shall do its bit to interact with people in a fun manner and shall attempt to inspire visitors to support and understand the pro-cannabis movement and reform efforts.

A truly eye-popping creation built around marijuana, the weed museum shall attempt to enchant visitors via hundreds of artsy installations and artworks that have everything to do with weed. It is reported, it will be tapered with several historical artifacts and interactive exhibits, the latter a dominant narrative of the dazzling world of marketing and advertising.

A story that captured the trending museum in a more elaborate fashioned captured its essence as it stated:

The story of cannabis is nuanced and largely misunderstood, and our goal with the museum is to demystify weed, help visitors explore its uses throughout human history and understand the serious impact prohibition has had on society.

The museum takes visitors on a curated, museum-quality journey through the history of cannabis, from ancient history to the War on Drugs and beyond. Most importantly, there’s something for everyone at the Weedmaps Museum of Weed — from cannabis connoisseurs to those who are simply curious.”

This actually makes a lot of sense, particularly because not only has Hollywood done its fair share to spark a conversation around weed or marijuana, citing through glitzy movies the pluses and minuses of weed-intake but also because in a part of the century that’s been furthered by advancements in technology, there is such a thing as a weed-dispensing robot. Who would’ve conceived a weed museum and such robots half a century back?

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