10 Title Songs From Indian TV Shows That Actually Made Our Childhood Cooler!

Remember, as kids we use to desperately wait for the weekends or evenings because unlike now, our TV shows were not on the tip of our hand because Internet wasn’t this accessible. The excitement of watching a whole new episode after waiting for a whole day or sometimes a whole week can not be put into words. (The Good Old Days! )

Now we are all about Hollywood TV series‘ but back then our Indian TV shows were cooler than ever. I mean who could forget Anvesha or Tiya from Remix as they gave major game-up goals to school girls and Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat of Left Right Left who was a hearthrobe even among guys. Those romatic love stories of Sanjivani or  Nani and Jiya of Shararat, all of it was as much a part of our lives as we ate.

Taking down you on the memory lane, we have 10 such title songs from Indian televisions which weren’t just music tracks, they were the defination of who we wanted to be. ( Don’t we all wanted to be Captain Vyom or wished to have that magic pencil huh?)

These 10 Title Songs From Indian TV Shows Are Gonna Make You Cry With Sweet Memories!

1. Miley Jab Hum Tum – Star One

(Video Source: ShilpaMyOnlyRiddhima)

2. Sanjivani – Star Plus

(Video Source: starplusdramatitle)

3. Captain Vyom – DD National

(Video Source: Lado Singh)

4. Shaka Laka Boom Boom – DD National/Star Plus

(Video Source: Serial Zek’s)

5. Shaktimaan – Doordarshan

(Video Source: Pratik Patil)

6. Shararat – Star Plus

(Video Source: starplusdramatitle)

7. Left Right Left – SAB TV

(Video Source: Dilip Kumar Moharana)

8. Remix – Star One

(Video Source: ArHtIhcu$)

9. Tu Tu Main Main – Star Plus, Doordarshan

(Video Source: muditjee)

10. Hum Paanch – Zee TV

(Video Source: Viren Love)


Shakimaan’s lesson remained in our hearts for a long time. Some of us still use his reference while talking ( I do) and even the sweet-bitter fights from Tu Tu Main Main made us laugh.

Not that I am complaining but for me Indian TV does need to make some serious comeback because I still think that my childhood was never full of Saas Bahu And Drama. It was all about fun and happiness and I miss all of these shows.

( I Think I Am Gonna Find Captain Vyom’s Episode Today And Watch Them Again)

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