‘Raaz Reboot’ trailer is finally here after two tiny teasers and we are disheartened. Why? Well, to start with, there is so much of hiding behind the bed, screaming, black wind and other scary shots but none of that is new and secondly, it’s Emraan Hashmi‘s movie and there were no songs in between the trailer of ‘Raaz Reboot’. (Sad)

To be more elaborative: The story starts at Romania where our lead actress Kriti and Gaurav Arora fall for each other and get married. Now, Kriti starts experiencing supernatural sorts in the house allotted by Gaurav’s company but he denies believing that the house is haunted. In between these shots, there is a mere hint that Gaurav is hiding some secret but the trouble comes in when a lover (Emraan) of the lass from the past comes back into the couple’s life. Now Emraan makes ‘Raaz Reboot’ dramatic as he thinks that his ex-lover is in some trouble and Kriti thinks that it’s all Emraan’s plan to get her back. PHEW! Like that’s so new. However, the further story is not revealed and that’s probably they are calling ‘Raaz’ Reboot.

Ohh!! Just for all you weak hearted people, there is a frightening eye, a cross-legged sitting spirit and a standing spirit and then there is something underneath the bed. Do Not Get Scared!!

Watch The Trailer Of ‘Raaz Reboot’ Here:

( Video Courtesy: T-Series )

Well, maybe you beg to differ but I thought some of the scenes reminded me of ‘Raaz 1’ especially the big hawk. I hope the ‘Raaz’ that movie holds is scarier than the trailer as I really want Emraan to nail it again.

The movie features Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora and is written & directed by Vikram Bhatt. ‘Raaz Reboot’ is slated to release on 16 September 2016.

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16 August 2016
Avni S. Singh

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