“Godman: Dawn Of Godness” is a brilliant spoof made by the team of “Them Boxer Shorts” and the video will make funny bone pain off laughing. Some of the best comedians of this time like Karan, Biswa, Abish etc teamed up and created a perfect recipe for becoming a Godman in India.

The spoof revolves around how a normal person who is frustrated with his perfect regular life leave his work and ends up becoming a spiritual guru who treats patients with gomutra (By the way he is giving you three flavours to choose from), loath meat eaters and the best of all cures Homosexuality. All the mysterious powers come as his get up changes and the character they prepared for this spiritual guru is actually kickass. Just think a long beard, dhoti, flowy locks and skull bone structure. Now if this reminds you of some we think you got the point, if not don’t worry they have explained it in the spoof pretty clear.

Watch “GODMAN: Dawn Of Godness” Here:

The video is not only hilarious but has got a point, is it not true that we Indians throw our common sense out of the window when it comes to superstition? They have launched it as a teaser, we wonder if they are gonna make a movie out of it, we may end up having India’s first best movie, Oscar. We can’t wait to see what’s next on their plate.

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17 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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