WOH THO YAHIN HAI LEKIN: Randeep Hooda Plays Casanova In This Song

The new song “Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin” from Randeep Hooda’s next movie ‘Main Aur Charles’ is here and you can’t get enough of his charms. Randeep is playing his Casanova tricks to woo women and they all are trapped insanely in his love game. “Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin” is flaming with the hotness of Randeep.

Ever been in love with a person where the person is not with you all the time but the feeling and presence of the person do not leave you alone? If yes then you can totally relate with the song “Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin” and if not then watch it and know how does it feels.

Watch Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin Full Video Here:

Randeep is playing his raw hot looks with the super sexy expressions in the song and you will see thrust in every woman’s eyes to be with him. It is definitely a love song with lots of rage and passion. You will not be able to take your eyes of Randeep.

Jonita Gandhi sang the song in her intoxicated voice and Vipin Patwa’s music gave it trippy touch. Dr Sagar penned down lyrics for the song and the combination of the music, lyrics and singing is doing wonders for the visuals.
Main Aur Charles is slated to release on 30, October 2015


24 Oct, 2015
Avni S.Singh

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