Mallika Sherawat In Her New Single Is Mesmerising

Mallika Sherawat is back with a new single “Dil kya kare (did I love you?)”, a remake video of the timeless song “Dil kya kare” from the 1975 classic “Julie”. Rishi Rich, the popular producer has laced “Dil kya kare (did I love you?)” with New York-based artiste Amrit Dasu aka Dasu’s vocals, turning it into a rhythm and blues/pop track.

The story of the song is a heart-wrenching tale of love and it’s sad ending will tear your heart apart and leave you with sadness. Mallika has been out of the screens for quite some time but her stunning looks are the same as before in the video. The music of the video is soothing and you will be able to feel love through the music of the song.

Watch The Full Video Of “Dil kya kare (did I love you?)” Here:

“Dil kya kare (did I love you?)” is directed by Nameeta Premkumar (Imagik Media) and features Mallika along with Dasu. It was shot in Goa and it is Dasu’s first song with Universal Music Group.

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22 Jan 2016
Avni S. Singh

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