Love is many things for many people but it is the cheating and infidelity that brings out the worst in people. The same has been shown and explored in Jashan Singh’s new, Pagalpan song.

The song revolves around two main lead, one including Jashan Singh himself, and how the man falls out of love with his wife and asks her for divorce. What follows this is a series of events both in the present and the past that shows how eventually the things turn out to be the way they are.

You absolutely need to see the Pagalpan song video in order to understand what the makers wanted to bring for the viewers. It shows how love and even revenge can sometimes make people oblivious to what is right and what is wrong? And what follows this oblivion is the limit to which one can go to take what is rightfully theirs or to make them suffer from deep pain.

The music video has everything to make you feel both sad and traumatized but it is the music and the song itself that is the star here, as it should be. Pagalpan song has some of the deepest lyrics associated with love, heartbreaks and everything that one feels after a traumatic heartbreak. It can easily be the breakup anthem of the year from the Punjabi music industry.

Moreover, Jashan Singh deserves a standing ovation for the pain and realism that he put forth with his voice and even acting in the music video. We can almost say that this song will make you remember your own devastating heartbreak and that speaks volume for the art created by an artist. Everyone makes their work to reach more and more people and this song absolutely reaches a plethora of people who have ever been through a heartbreak, and trust us, there are quite a few handfuls.

Jishan Singh’s Pagalpan Song: Watch the video over here:

The lyrics of this beautiful-beautiful song has been penned by Maninder Kailey.

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Jyotsna Amla

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