“Jabra Fan” is the fan anthem and we could not agree more to that. The song from Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie is out and it is crazy as hell. The biggest fan of Shah Rukh is celebrating being his fan in “Jabra Fan” and it is hilarious. Gaurav’s excitement will bring out the love for Shah Rukh in your heart for sure.

Apparently, you will see gaurav dancing and his moves are insane. “Jabra Fan” is all about the madness and love you carry for a movie star, being his fan and gaurav is perfectly describing that feel with his moves in the song. The happiness on his face is astonishing, if you are a fan of anyone then you will definitely relate to it .

Watch “Jabra Fan” Full Video Here:

Tujhe DEkhte Hi Dil Dhan Ta Nan Ho Gaya”, the catchy beats of the song will win your heart instantly and you can’t help to shake your leg on this one. The song is crooned in the energetic voice of Nakash Aziz with the dynamic music given by Vishal and Shekhar. The song is interestingly penned by Varun Grover. The song is perfect to set your mood from gloomy to glad. Directed By Maneesh Sharma, Fan is slated to hit the screens on 15 April 2016.

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16 feb. 2016
Avni S. Singh

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