Diljit Dosanjh’s Brand New Track “5 TAARA”

Break-ups and post break-up trauma are a devastating experience. For Few search is on to figure out a way to come out of it and few takes out the anger by best option available. If you want to know, what can be done after break-up then this song may give you a slight idea. We can assure you that this song will light the candle in your heart and will bring a bright smile on your face.

After all, Break-Ups are sometimes not bad, why to love a person who doesn’t reciprocates your feelings in an honest manner. From old to new we have a genre of songs dedicated to the lost love. We have songs for break-ups including sad ones which worse the situation for lovers, devastated ones, songs which act like Salt on wounds Period. Let us come out of sadness, life is to move on and to be enjoyed at its best.

Guess Punjabi star Diljit thought the same and came up with a peppy number for which one can say the best after Break-Up song, not a sad one, though a rocking one, which will cheer you up.

It is not easy to say than do, so while we have previously suggested you the ways to move on after a break-up. Here we are giving you an alternative to enjoy it instead of being sad and cry at home. Well, don’t imitate the way that is represented in the song as it is an expensive alternative. Watch the song, enjoy it and express your feeling in our comment box. After watching the video, we will help you choose an alternative.

Lyrics are written by Ranbir Singh and Singer is Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh and the beauty which broke Diljit’s heart is Tris Dhaliwal. Cute Bhangra steps are choreographed by Bhupi and Music is of Jatinder Shah.

Well and now the alternative part, maybe we all not able to take out anger at “5 TAARA” i.e. five stars, however, one can let out anger in the gym or go for a run, Run and Run OR have break-up party with your friends. Remember to let out anger, and set yourself free. Let’s rock the party with 5 taara.

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19 Dec. 2015
P. Rawat

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