“Dear Zindagi” Take 4 is here and it is another teaser, it seems that the director has a different plan of executing the movie for the audience and building up the excitement among them. At the same time, it seems appropriate to release small snippets from the movie as each and every Take has portrayed a different thing about it than the other. While the first one gave us an uplifting message about life, the second one was based on mere cute exchanges of jokes, and the third one gave us an insight into Kiara’s (Alia Bhatt) love life which has its own ups and downs. Then the first song released and it completely changed our outlook on Alia’s character. All of this would have been just too much and too confusing, if assembled into one single trailer.

This teaser of “Dear Zindagi” starts with Jahangir Khan’s (Shahrukh Khan) monologue on how a person fails to express their feelings (story of everybody’s life). We all can relate to these certain lines by Shahrukh, as we have failed at a certain point and stage of our life to express what we want and what we need, from ourselves and from others in our lives too. His strong and meaningful words are supported with Alia’s heartbreaking scenes, which almost seems to be related to her life crisis.

“Dear Zindagi”: Watch The Full Video Here:

( Video Courtesy: Red Chillies Entertainment )

From the teasers of “Dear Zindagi”, it seems that the movie would be amazing, with various good and bad times that everyone experiences in their life. They have very well portrayed the transition that one person goes through, in their life, from being happy-go-lucky to drowning in anxiety and confusion.

“Dear Zindagi” is all set to release on 25th November 2016, and it is directed by Gauri Shinde whose English Vinglish was a hit among the audience and the critics. The same can be expected from this one.

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15 November 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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