“Chan Mahi” is Neha Bhasin’s recent ode to her Punjabi roots and their folk songs. Bhasin has beautifully renditioned various Punjabi folk songs and just like her previous numbers, even this one touches your soul. And, if you’re a Punjabi who grew up listening to these songs, then Chan Mahi will immediately bring back a lot of your childhood memories.

I don’t know about you but this rendition just gave a hint of a reggae feel to me and the concoction of Chan Mahi and reggae simply turns out to be mesmerising. Apart from the song and it’s beautiful lyrics, Chan Mahi is also shot is an amazing way. It’s just different and that’s what is exciting about it. As Bhasin said this is the way that her mother and grandparents sung this beautiful folk song.

Plus, Neha Bhasin looks so beautiful.

“Chan Mahi”: Watch The Video Here:

(Video Source: Neha Bhasin)

“Chan Mahi” has been shot with a backdrop of a desert and it gives out perfect gypsy feel for all the on-road souls out there. The music has been given Sameer Uddin and it has been sung by Neha Bhasin.

19th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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