One of the most awaited movies of this year and definitely of Sanjay Dutt’s fans’ lives, Sanju teaser was released earlier today. It’s easily one of the most loved teasers released this year, of a movie based on one of the most loved people in Bollywood, starring one of the most loved actors in the industry and made by one of the most loved director-producer Jodi in Bollywood. The equation just can’t be more perfect than this.

Plus, the movie in itself is more than just a biopic, it’s about a person who has changed so much over the course of time that his life almost seems like a movie in itself, and it’s actually great that someone is officially making one on it now.

While some loved the teaser, other’s had their doubt about it, but there’s one thing for sure about Sanju, and that is, everyone in the country is excited about its release.

Some from the excited lot decided to have their own little fun with the poster of the movie which stars Ranbir Kapoor in various different looks from Sanjay Dutt’s life, over the course of his life. We have the early days Sanjay, then the Munnabhai one, the one in jail and then the one out of it, each and every look is crucial to the movie and to his overall life too. And, people are adding some really hilarious one-liners to the poster which changes the entire context of the poster and that is just downright entertaining.

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Check out some of the most hilarious ones over here:

Oh, Internet! We just love you and you’re wacky creativity.

Jyotsna Amla

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