Radhika Apte is back to sizzle the heart of her fans with her latest photoshoot for GQ. The Bollywood actress looks dripping hot and her candid interview during the photoshoot will win your heart for sure. Radhika’s personal confessions will leave you stunned and you won’t believe how mischievous she actually is, behind the camera.

While shooting for GQ magazine, she calls herself a great liar and reveals her most favourite film. The video of the photoshoot is beyond sexy with a light symphony music playing on the background. After watching this ultra-sexy video, you will definitely say that “This Woman In Black Is The Hottest Ever”.

Watch “Radhika Apte Is All Kinds Of Sexy” Video Here:

(Video Source: GQ India )

Famous for her boldness in the Bollywood movies and the controversial nude pictures, Radhika Apte looks an absolute mix of sexy and stylish in the pictures. The actress has shown that she is capable of taking your breath away with her confident bold looks.

19 Jan 2016
Avni S. Singh

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