Unless you are living under a rock, there is no way that you are unknown to Priya Prakash Varrier. The girl took the internet by storm with one wink and became one of the most searched and popular people of recent times. Her one wink made people fall hard for her so much so that her Instagram and Facebook profiles were verified in just one day. Can you imagine that?

The first clip of her debut song ‘Oru Aadar Love’, was shared so many times on social media that Priya Varrier became the overnight sensation. Her expressions were as killer as a bullet of a gun but wait till you see what she has in her new teaser for you.


The teaser of ‘Oru Aadar Love’ has been released and after making every guy drool over her wink, she is nailing it again with the most cutely-sexy flying kiss ever. If you don’t believe us check it out here!


Still feeling hazy just like her co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof? Well, while Priya is ruling the hearts of guys, Roshan manage to sweep the girl off their feet with his “so in love” and “hit by cupid’s bow” expressions.

That is not all Priya just don’t want her fans to miss out that kiss, so she decided to put an Instagram post for Valentine’s and even looking at this picture you will find yourself bewitched by her expressions.

Well, if you can catch your breath then let’s tell you……naa you can’t!

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