A Beauty with brains, are you kidding me?

The biased and the closed-minded may never get it, ever. But that doesn’t mean that one has to view the world from a state of limitlessness.

Whose loss will it be anyway?

Essays have been written. Quotes have been said, time and again. Movies have been made. And above anything else, real-life examples have been shared, again and again on just how women are changing the dynamics of our world out there.

Gone are the days where you’d imagine them as just homebound creatures, in the classic undertone of; she’s someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s sister!

The least imaginative have moved over from the downtrodden narrative.

But frankly speaking, if you did wish to understand the power of a woman, then what better to see her shine during times of adversity?

After all, it’s these difficult times that bring out something best in us, don’t they?

A shining example of this was learned just a few hours ago when one of the entertainment and film industry’s rising forces- Susheel Jangira- penned a poem on the current travesty facing mankind: the Coronavirus!

Wait, what?

What’s a poem on Coronavirus?

How did that even happen? Who came to think of it?

Susheel Jangira, who shuttles between Mumbai and different regions in India wherever her work takes us has been a model, TV anchor, media personality, and also a noted filmmaker.

A Dadasaheb award winner, a feat that not many manage despite spending a lifetime in the world of film and entertainment, Susheel Jangira, not your average beauty with brains, is a cerebral force at that penned a rather unusual creation recently.

Among the widely known faces on Indian Television’s glamor industry, there’s more to Sheel than the glib and starry air she comes to inhabit.

At a time where the world is experiencing a strange sort of lockdown, Susheel donned the poetess’ hat whilst at her Mumbai home and came up with this poem that addresses the almighty to do something special during times stifled with Coronavirus.

That being said, her poem, which quickly garnered a lot of attention also tries to underline the quantum of indifference that has spread among us, where many aren’t really that concerned about the lives around. Not really done, right, when one should be careful and compassionate.

I chatted with the lanky beauty and asked her about the motivations behind this gem of an effort and was told the poem actually emanated from a space of concern about the global pandemic- Novel COVID-19 Coronavirus.

“On Sunday 22nd March at 5 am I went for a walk and I saw few people far away for their morning walk. I was literally scared of them. And I said to myself….

Mujhe Hawa Se Darr Lagne Laga Hai 

Mujhe Paani Se Darr Lagne Laga Hai

Mujhe Praani Se Darr Lagne Laga Hai

Hey Ishwar Kuch Toh Karo Na !!

(I’m scared for the air, I’m scared of water, I’m scared of one another,

Dear God, do something for everyone’s sake…)

And that’s how it started.

I came home and promised myself not to step out because Hawa (air), Paani (water), and Praani (the human)- everything is contagious.”

I also picked her brains on whether this was some random effort or has she been penning poems before too?

To my utter surprise, I was told, “Writing Poetry has been an emotional thing for me from e childhood weather m happy or sad poetry happens automatically organically. 

I write scripts/songs/poems on a daily basis. Random emotions whenever cross my mind poetry happens like this on Corona.”

That being said, here is Susheel Jangira is reciting the poem- one on such a critical issue herself- in her frank and candid voice.

Check it out and you can reach her YouTube channel too!

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