The country is ‘kind of’ in a mess right now with everyone trying to prove a point and paint others in a unified colours of anti-nationalism and nationalism. A difference in ideas is resulting in huge mob violence, hooliganism and what not?

If we all just sit down and look at this with the vision of a comic writer, who basically can turn any situation into a laughter riot, I don’t even know how fascinating the results can be. However, I have the answers now and all thanks to Comedian Kunal Kamra for that.

In his full stretched out 8 minutes of comic gold, the comedian explains how our country is now divided into two types of people, the so-called anti-nationals and nationalists, and how he is just loving it.

This is his first stand-up video and it’s on the hot topic – Patriotism & Governance.

Watch the video here:

(Source: Kunal Kamra)

The comedian gave a very apt description to his work and said that loving your country means asking a lot of questions which includes asking for peace, better living conditions, the right to voice your opinions and the optimum result for the taxes that you pay. All this has been said in a very comic way which ultimately makes us realise, the downright wrong thing.

3rd March 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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