Nowadays you can only trust things to a certain extent. Let it not be forgotten that we are in this age where there’s quite literally an explosion of information on social media. This is quite possibly due to the fact that today the sources of acquiring information are as much as the information itself. Therefore, whatever disconnect that one may have with reality out there can only be blamed on either of the two:

  1. That there’s a prevalence of fake news and information, a telling truth of our times.
  2. In order to establish the truth of what is out there, and it could pertain to any industry and sub-culture, one really needs to be an insider, otherwise, one will never know what is right and what isn’t.

But that said, nothing could cloud the importance of the latter when it comes to subjects pertaining to a fervid love of the Indian crowd and masses: Bollywood!

While surely there have been revelations and disclosures for the longest possible times about all things good, bad and the ugly about the film industry, there’s never really anything that can come close to someone who’s close the very industry making a disclosure, unlike millions who only have the privilege of enjoying it from a fair distance.

And then when it’s Neha Kakkar, the woman with the million-dollar smile, forever armed with a sense of simplicity, then who would question what the petite singer has to say.

So that said, dear Neha Kakkar, we have no option but to believe what you have to say. We believe what you have to say in regard to an industry that depends on your massive talent, a place where you’ve sort of established yourself as the woman with a soul, the person with innate niceness, yes that very quality that shines from many moons away when we are glued to the TV sets enjoying your soulfulness.

Neha Kakkar
Source: Bollywood Hungama

So what is the big revelation? But wait, please hold your horses.

There’s nothing even close to what our often polluted minds can come up with. But even then, what the ever-cheery Neha Kakkar had to say about singing in Bollywood may really hurt anyone who has set big aims for going afar in this challenging space.

So apparently, before we even launch into the big revelation, just how much do you think a popular singer might make in Bollywood through a “once-in-a-lifetime” talent like singing?

Well, let’s just put it this way. There’s nothing shy of making megabucks, right?

After all, with all that fanfare, would anybody make anything insignificant? Now that’s precisely space where what Neha Kakkar had to say about singing in Bollywood catches everyone perhaps off guard.

So here is Neha Kakkar in her own words:

“We don’t get paid for singing in Bollywood at all. What happens is they feel that if we give a superhit song, the singer will earn through shows!”

And the above isn’t all that she had to say. Kindly go through this too if you are someone who does think of a rosy picture when each time the mere mention of Bollywood hits your mind:

“I get a good amount from live concerts and everything, but Bollywood doesn’t have this scene. To make us sing a song, they don’t pay.”

Well, Neha we don’t really know what to say. But what we can say is what probably hundreds of thousands out there who enjoy a great song and a great number would wish to see more of you and the cheery, always smiling you! All the best always.

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