Mumbai has also taken to the Kiki Challenge like a fish to the waters. After performing the same on a moving train- imagine the risk involved- a coup of gangly youth were ordered by the cops on a Mumbai police station to clean a platform.

Justice finally served right. After a video showing three boys performing the Kiki challenge in a moving train in Mumbai’s busy Palghar district, the culprits have been ordered to clean the Palghar train station for not just 1 but 3 consecutive days.

Any failure to adhere to the ruling shall pose some consequences, the three Mumbaikars have been alerted. The only question here is, in order to participate in a few moments of fun and frolic, why should anyone endure such a huge risk?

What one perhaps doesn’t register is that when someone performs the Kiki challenge, he or she indirectly poses a risk onto one’s own near and dear (or loved) ones. Isn’t it? Imagine what is to become of any parent who learns of his or her ward having succumbed to the injuries sustained in doing something as idiotic as it is utterly needless?

So far, the Vasai Railway Court has been acting promptly on the aforementioned matter and has given the three accused a good warning to embrace tough consequences should they fail to act in accordance with the punishment meted out.

Revered Indian news outlet NDTV covered the said news in great detail and some excerpts from the news item carried the following information:

The video, shot by Shyam Sharma (24), Dhruv (23) and Nishant (20) at Western Railway’s Vasai station, had gone viral on social media after it was uploaded a week ago and had been viewed by over 1.5 lakh people.

A senior Railway Protection Force official said that they were arrested and produced in the Vasai railway court which ordered them to clean the local railway station for three consecutive days and also inform passengers to desist from stunts like the Kiki challenge.

Here’s the biggest shocker concerning those who have been arrested by the police. Among the accused is actually a television actor, someone who’s previously been part of several serials. Is that not sufficient alone to explain the sheer retardedness of the act?

Indian Express

Well, if you come to realise about it, then you could say, there’s something plainly idiotic and irrational about the Kiki Challenge. Perhaps, it could be in the very name of the Kiki Challenge itself. Few things are about as ridiculous as they are risky and funny as the Kiki Challenge.

Just why would we be so tempted to endure a string of physical injuries that may directly pose a threat to your own life? Is dying the new flavour of today?

Among the several follies of social media in today’s day and age, it could be said, having a ridiculous snowballing phenomenon like the Kiki Challenge is one of them. Surely, social media is a good outlet for

expression but some of the things it has birthed pose a direct threat to life. Just who would’ve thought of something like that?

In a lighter vein, you don’t need to commit hara-kiri by subjecting yourself to a great risk imposed by the Kiki Challenge. Here’s a comprehensive list of things in both India and elsewhere that are entertaining and pose a lesser threat to your life:

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